LAUSD hasn’t shown it can be responsible. Vote No on Measure EE

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On June 4, voters in the boundaries of the Los Angeles Unified School District will decide whether or not to approve Measure EE, a $500 million per year parcel tax increase.

Formally, Measure EE, which requires two-thirds support to pass, calls for a new 16-cent-per-square-foot tax of structures on properties within LAUSD for the next 12 years.

While the promise and premise of the measure is sure to resonate with anyone concerned with ensuring a robust local public education system, a close look at Measure EE leads us to conclude that this measure should be rejected.

It would be one thing if LAUSD, after doing all it could to be financially responsible, came to voters with a thoroughly vetted proposal produced with substantial community and stakeholder input to increase funding to achieve these ends.

But that’s not the measure we have before us.

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