Why LAUSD’s Parcel Tax Plan to Fund Schools Is On Shaky Legal Ground

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Remember the end of the Los Angeles teachers strike? School district officials, teachers union leaders, even the mayor all stood together at a podium at City Hall and proclaimed with one voice: the L.A. Unified School District needs more money.

One plan to raise that money is a measure on the June 4 ballot to enact a parcel tax — a type of property tax.

But a last-minute change to the text of the proposal, Measure EE, has now prompted a lawsuit that could jeopardize the district’s plans to create a new source of funding to pay for the settlement that ended the strike.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, which opposes tax increases, announced Tuesday it is suing to block Measure EE. The suit says LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner ordered a significant change to the ballot language after the school board had already voted to send Measure EE to the ballot.

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